This past weekend, the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles and honored the best achievements in film and TV performances in 2016. Hollywood’s elite arrived on the red carpet in beautiful fashion and beauty looks for us to admire. One of our favorite looks of the night was Gina Rodriguez’s elegant updo created by our client Joico’s celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton.

He filled us in on how to recreate the look at home using Joico’s Hair Shake and JoiWhip or the Curl Defining Contouring Foam Wax.

How To: 

Step 1:

Tousle dry hair using either Joico JoiWhip orCurl Defining Contouring Foam Wax until fully dry.

Step 2:

Working off a soft center part, take small sections beginning in the back and using a 1 inch curling iron as well as a 3/4 inch iron (alternating between the two), create curls in every direction until you get to the area on each side around the face where you will want to bend the hair away from the face.

Step 3:

Throughout these curls be sure to leave out the ends so it doesn’t get too curly.

Step 4:

Once the head is done with curling, use your finger or a wide tooth comb to rake through the entire head to break it all up then spray the entire head with Joico Hair Shake.

Step 5:

Next, begin at the nape of the neck and create a low thin braid. It doesn’t have perfect as the look should remain somewhat casual in texture.

Step 6:

Just above the complete braid, gather the hair and simply twist in as if you were creating a french twist and begin to effortlessly pin in place with bobby pins. This will leave you with only the 2 front side tendrils which you can begin to pull back bit by bit and connect to the twist using more bobby pins.

Step 7:

Feel free to spray more Joico Hair Shake as you go. For a little asymmetry, leave out a few longer tendrils on only one side of the head and a few baby hairs at the temple on the other side.

Step 8:

Finish by spraying Hair Shake over the entire look for further definition and texture then complete it with Flip Turn Hair Spray.





Below are the products used to recreate the look:



Product Name: Joico JoiWhip

Price: $16.99

Description: A concentrated mousse, which is known to build extraordinary volume in any hair masterpiece you choose to createStocked with Kukui Nut and Evening Primrose Oil, essential fatty acids that provide masses of moisture and protection.



Product Name: Curl Defining Contouring Foam Wax

Price: $16.99

Description: This supercharged product pumps out as a rich, creamy foam… then transforms on contact into a silky wax, gliding easily through hair to create the strongest, most touchable curls ever. The finish is smooth and dry, locking in your curls like a true hero.



Product Name: Joico Hair Shake

Price: $18.00

Description: Add texture and volume with Hair Shake, a unique liquid-to-powder finishing texturizer. Hair shake is the perfect choice for any hair type, texture or color. This product will create great texture for your hair for amazing beachy waves with added volume.

We hope you try this beautiful hairstyle!