Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Our favorite part, as always, was the red carpet coverage. We were loving Gina Rodriguez’s elegant vintage look with hair styled by our client Joico’s celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton.

Paul created Gina’s gorgeous classic finger wave style to compliment her shimmery Old Hollywood glam evening gown. Paul says about the look, “I wanted to create a modern yet vintage look for Gina this evening. Cabaret was my inspiration.”

He used these Joico products to create the look:

  • Power Gel
  • PowerWhip
  • JoiShape Shaping & Finishing Spray
  • K-PAK Protect and Shine Serum
  • Power Spray
  • Hair Shake
  • Gold Dust Shimmer Spray


Below is a how-to guide from Paul to recreate the look at home:


Step 1:

I started prepping the hair with Joico Power Whip and tousle-dried, pushing the hair all to one side off a deep part. I also took a round brush only on the hair line to get it smooth.

Step 2:

I then began on the lighter side in the back and began to start to put a gentle bend in the hair with a 1 inch iron, taking 1 inch sections and spraying JoiShape Shaping & Finishing Spray to each section prior to curling. 

Step 3:

I curled each side away from the face wrapping the hair over the iron and leaving the ends out for a more modern vibe. As I got to the hair around the face I began to use small silver clips to keep the hair off the face so it could cool and give a nice s-shape wave.

Step 4:

Once her curls cooled, I used KPAK Protect and Shine Serum to help me fingercomb though the the hair adding tons of shine.

Step 5:

Taking a large comb to help detail and place the hair, I then began to spray Joico Power Spray to help keep the hair into position as well as giving me a strong hold to keep back Gina’s previously shaved side which is now growing out back and way from her face .

Step 6:

Lastly, I used Joico Hair Shake just on the ends for separation and finished the look with not only more power spray. After seeing the completed look, I decided that I wanted more glimmer, so I added a once over with Joico Gold Dust Shimmer Spray to match the sparkle of the dress!



Product Name: Joico Hair Shake

Price: $18.00

Description: Add texture and volume with Hair Shake, a unique liquid-to-powderfinishing texturizer. Hair shake is the perfect choice for any hair type, texture or color. This product will create great texture for your hair for amazing beachy waves with added volume.



Product Name: Joico Power Spray

Price: $16.99

Description: Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing spray is a quick drying, ultra-fine mist aerosol hairspray with firm to ultra-firm hold.



Product Name: Gold Dust Shimmer Spray

Price: $7.99

Description: New shimmer spray that adds brilliant shine and luminous shimmer to hair with an ultra-light hold.



Product Name: Power Gel

Price: $14.99

Description: An ultra-firm holding yet flexible, alcohol-free gel that locks style in place for 24 hours.



Product Name: Joico Power Whip 

Price: $16.99

Description: A concentrated, whipped styling foam that creates maximum density and incredible volume that lasts even in high humidity.



Product Name: Joico K-PAK Protect and Shine Serum 

Price: $17.49

Description: Protects, polishes and seals the cuticle while helping to prevent split ends and frizz.


Product Name: JoiShape Shaping & Finishing Spray

Price: $16.99

Description: A light to medium hold, flexible, working and finishing aerosol hairspray.